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develops, formulates, and markets remediation products and technologies to restore the environment to its natural condition, while saving the client time and money.

Our goal is a clean environment and to work in concert with nature, focusing our efforts on bioremediation of soils and groundwater.

BioRenova's only business is to sell its products to consultants and environmental engineering firms, and to offer advice and assistance for the successful completion of their remediation projects.

Biological Oxygen Compound + Plus™, patent pending (BOC+™) is a cost effective, food grade, formulation that provides approximately 18% active oxygen by weight and produces a slow and sustained release of oxygen when in contact with soil moisture or groundwater.
Unlike it's competitors, BOC+ also contains macro and micro nutrients, pH adjustment, surfactants, carbon sources and other ingredients that promote and support beneficial microbial growth and enzymatic diversity.


Dehalogenation Compound+ Plus (DHC+), a patented formulation for anaerobic in situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents. The use of DHC+ for reductive dechlorination does not result in the formation of large amounts of vinyl chloride (VC) and at some sites, VC did not accumulate, but was simultaneously degraded as it formed.


Chloroclean-Inoculum,  is an enriched formulation of natural anaerobic microbial consortium containing Dehalogenation species, that when used in conjunction with DHC+ for bioaugmentation, increases the ability to rapidly degrade compounds such as tetrachloroethene (PCE), trichloroethene (TCE), dichloroethene (DCE), and vinyl chloride and other chlorinated compounds to harmless by products.