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Biological Oxygen Compound + Plus™ (BOC+™)

In some cases, when injection of BOC+ slurry within the soil vadose zone is not practical, due to the fact, that the required amount of BOC+ cannot be injected into the treatment zone, soil excavation and application method should be used. This method is normally used within the source zone of high contaminations, and its use can be applicable for those situations in which the owner does not want to remove soil from the site to a landfill, or the overall economics of the site remediation make it feasible to remediate soil within the source zone.

Having determined the amount of BOC+ required for the remediation of the source zone, the maximum treatment effect is obtained when BOC+ is mixed thoroughly within the vadose soil zone and the saturated zone. The amount of BOC+ to be applied within the zone has been pre-calculated, and such application can be made with a slurry sprayer or BOC+ dry mix added to the soil and thoroughly mixed within the soil/groundwater zone with the application of water and super absorbent gels that are Acrylamide polymers that absorbs 300-400 times its weight in water for a period of 4 to 5 years, thereby providing moisture for microbial and enzymatic bioremediation.

Usually, dry powder is difficult to mix on windy days. On such days, the potential loss of the BOC+ mix is made. Therefore, it is recommended that a water source or spray tank be on site to wet down the BOC+ applications made before soil mixing. The method of mixing is usually accomplished with a backhoe of sufficient arm's length to reach the mix to the total depth of contamination. A skilled backhoe operator is capable of pulling the contaminated soil/groundwater from the bottom of the treatment zone to the top, thereby applying a BOC+ slurry to the exposed soils.